[TWL] Today We Learned: eir Spiders Digital Workshop, Sligo

August 31st, 2017

We kicked off the eir Spiders Digital Workshops in the Building Block Sligo, a co-working space in the heart of the city for anyone in need of a desk, an office, WiFi and more. There we were joined by moderator Aiden Doyle, CEO of Sligo Chamber of Commerce; Sinead Carroll, Founder and CEO at Mini Media and Irish Blogger Agency; Daniel Browne, Commercial Director of Ocean Media and Director of Sea Sessions Surf and Music Festival; and Barry Walsh, Digital Marketing Manager for Supermacs.

With such an incredible group of professionals, it’s no surprise that we had our minds blown numerous times over the course of the morning, with our favourite lessons listed below.

Influencing the Influencers: Using Influencers to your Advantage.

Sinead Carroll, Founder and CEO at Mini Media and Irish Blogger Agency, is an expert in all things influencer and enlightened our attendees at the Sligo workshop.

Online influencers have taken on a huge role in recent years when it comes to consumer PR & Marketing, and anyone on social media is no stranger to #ad or #spon from their favourite bloggers and celebrities.


Influencers amass huge numbers of online fans, build trust and develop strong relationships with their followers through their own networks and getting a third-person endorsement from them can be invaluable to your business. When an influencer shares your content, product or service it is often worth more in PR value than an advertisement double its size – it can result in wide-scale attention , intensely targeted engagement with relevant audiences and generally increase your brand awareness.

But remember: your campaign must be strategic and you must be able to measure the success of the partnership.

Ensure you’re giving influencers’ tracked links to place in their content so you can see how much referral traffic is coming to your site from theirs.  Plan ahead; decide who you want to target, how much you’re willing to spend and set some key objectives that you want to see realised through the partnership.

‘May I present His Royal Highness, Content.’

Daniel Browne, Commercial Director of Ocean Media and of Director of Sea Sessions Surf and Music Festival has seen how content has always been king when engaging with your audience.

Whether it’s a print magazine or a 30-second video, what you’re saying and who you’re saying it to is something you need to think about. Think about your unique selling point and use that to build a narrative around your business that not only reflects your brand but really speaks to your audience. Tell them something unique in a way that they can understand and connect with.


Video is more popular than ever now, if a picture is worth a thousand words; a video is worth a million. Daniel showed our attendees some of the original video content he’s produced for the Sea Sessions Surf and Music Festival, highlighting the wow factor of video. Video has the capacity to transport the watcher from their couch or their office to the sea and the sounds of an incredible festival – what could make you want a ticket more?

Make it Personal – Know your Customer

Barry Walsh, Digital Marketing Manager for Supermacs, spoke about the importance of knowing who you’re targeting. Market segmentation is paramount to this and so Barry suggests creating personas for your target markets, know what they need, what they want, give them a name! Only then can you address how to engage with them. Every element of your content should be developed specifically to those personas – think about your imagery, wording, placement of your ads and how this would reach your target demographic.


Your customer should be at the heart of everything you do, throughout the process. Once you start generating content targeted at them, keep analysing and evaluating its effectiveness. Does one type of social media post get more likes than another? If so, ask yourself why. Have you spoken in a particular way or used some type of imagery that may resonate better with them? Analysing your content regularly can be effective market research.

Vive la (Social Media) Révolution!

Social Media is here to stay, so how do you make the new regime work for you and your business?  How do you know what to use and how to make it work?

Some businesses are on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and every other app under the sun – however, their usefulness depends on your business and who you’re trying to reach. This is another area where market segmentation comes into play.

Snapchat is mostly used by 15 – 18 year olds so if they are who you want to target, that should be the first port of call. Once you’re confident you’re using the right social media channel for your audience it’s important to deliver that good quality content that Daniel mentioned. Ensure your post links back to your website, use high quality images and videos is essential, and above all, ensure you’re engaging directly with your followers – answer messages, reply to comments and use social media’s inbuilt analytics to see what’s working well.

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