September 1st, 2017

Susie Horgan, Managing Director and Strategic Lead at Springboard PR & Marketing

Making strong relevant content is time consuming. So, when you get it right, you’ve got to shout about it! It’s vital that you maximise the exposure of your owned content, to get the ROI for your time. With some savvy know-how, businesses can leverage one piece of content to maximum reach and engagement.

  1. Find the Story

Good, shareable content always has a great story behind it. Take the time to see where your story lies, perhaps in a case study, event or new stats. Once you have identified the story, decide how you want it presented to your audience. It can be pitched it to print, online and radio and from there, this one story can be re-purposed and re-used across all your digital platforms

  1. Upload to your Website

If you write a guest article for a news outlet or blog, make sure you include it in the news section of your website, so that visitors to your page can see fresh and up-to-date content. It also shows that individuals in your business are experts in their field.

  1. Get Sharing

Once you have uploaded content to your website you should share a link on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. This will drive content back to your website, improving organic SEO and increasing reach to your target audience. Ensure that the individual responsible for the content also shares the information to their personal LinkedIn profile (when relevant) so that you increase your reach to their audience too.

  1. Make it Part of your Next Email Campaign

Email marketing is a great way of engaging with your clients, so where better to share valuable content with them? Track your click-through rates to see what has the most impact and adjust your content with each campaign.

  1. Represent the Story Visually

80% of what you see visually is retained and 40% of people respond better to visual content*. For this simple reason, you should portray your story in any and all visual means possible. Convert your story into an infographic, create a graphic to highlight key quotes or stats, generate a GIF or a short video. These can then be re-used online across your platforms in rotation to actively engage your audiences.


This process is applicable to all aspects of the digital marketing trifecta. To learn more about paid, owned and earned media and how you can maximise valuable content for your company, join Susie Horgan, Managing Director and Strategic Lead at Springboard PR & Marketing for an Eir Spiders Digital Workshop in Cork Opera House on Tuesday September 12th.


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(*Stats obtained from NeoMam.com and Thomson Reuters)