Meet the Judges 2017: Naoise Ó Conchubhair

November 6th, 2017



It’s been a busy year for Detail’s senior designer Naoise Ó Conchubhair.  ‘Helping Twitter make the move to their new EMEA HQ in Dublin; a new website and online communications platform for IADT: a full website redesign and development for our long standing client Design Partners, as well as our 2016 international promo campaign for the Irish Film Board which received the prestigious honour of a gold bell at the annual ICAD awards.’


Having been named Young Designer of the Year in the 2009 spiders, Naoise joined the judging panel hoping to give others the confidence and encouragement he gained from his experience as a nominee. When he first began to take an interest in web design Naoise felt the support just wasn’t there. Teachers in school lacked even the most basic knowledge of the internet not to mention more advance information like coding. Naoise


‘As a judge of the Irish language category, I get to mix my passion for design with my native language, an opportunity I don’t get often enough. It’s very rewarding to know that the decisions I make as a judge can have a big impact on the businesses and organisations receiving the awards and in turn contribute to promoting the Irish language.’

As a judge he’s enjoyed watching the industry grow and getting to see new talent develop into successful businesses. He believes that entries need to do more than have good visuals to grab the judges attention. Entries that tell a story are what really stand out for him. Naoise thinks that the eir spiders entries are ‘Better .Every .Year